Learn How to Write Better Essays in a Timely Manner

Writing high quality essays fast is a hurdle faced by many scholars. Lack of enough time is one major cause of this problem. Scholars have to attend classes, do part-time jobs, participate in extra-curriculum activities, and address other important aspects of their life.


The matter becomes worse when professors load them with tons of assignments. They are therefore left with little or no time to compose essays. Unfortunately, essay writing is something one cannot avoid as a scholar.

Since you must write these essays but you have little time, you will end up crafting a piece of writing hurriedly without considering its quality. This will result in scoring poor grades or even worse, rejection of your paper.

If you are in such a situation where you have to beat the time you have but still have to produce a superb piece of writing, there is a solution for you. You can either pay someone to do it for you or learn how to do it yourself.

If you use the first option, you only need to choose a good online essay service and give the order to have your writing done as per your instructions. Just part with some cash but then get a nicely written thesis statement, research paper, term paper or any other academic writing you may have.

If you decided to do it yourself, you need to know all the tricks for you to become better. Below are some writing tips to help you learn how to write superb essays faster. They will equip you with excellent writing skills and help you fight the problem of time management which is the major cause for writing poor essays.


Approaches to writing Essays Faster

Organize your Work

Being organized is the key to success in everything you do in life let alone writing an academic paper. You need to the writing in systematic approach if you want to get things done fast and in a neat way.

Identify all that you are supposed to write to know how you will prioritize them. Then plan your time accordingly on how you will begin writing. You can start with essays whose deadlines are due, the big ones and then come to short ones and whose deadlines are far.

Placing your assignments in this logical order will prevent running in the last minute which can result in writing messy work. For example, if you have two assignments where one is due in one day and the other in a week’s time, start with the first one.

Make your Study area comfortable

Do you know why there are comfortable chairs in the library, mobile usage is restricted or other noise causing elements are prohibited in the library? This is meant to remove any distraction in the library and make it conducive for learning.

Similarly, your study area shouldn’t have any distractions if you want to write essays faster. Things like TVs, loud music, or writing while on the bed can make you lose focus. Your productivity will be low because at one point you will be thinking about an idea and then the video on the TV will distract you. You will end up forgetting the idea.

So, if you want to become fast in essay writing, make your study area comfortable in terms of chairs and table, and quite. If possible, have a separate room for your studies. This way, you will not know how fast you will finish that piece of assignment that you thought was difficult.

Make a schedule

If you want to write essay prompt, you need come up with a work plan. Make a plan when you will write your assignments. When you set a specific time to write a certain essay, you will be more productive.

Also, don’t set time to finish writing a paper for the sake of it. Stick to the schedule and try to finish the essays within the time allocated. You have to be highly disciplined in this. Otherwise, the planned schedule will not be of any benefit.


What is the Process of writing a Better Essay?

Now that you know how to write essays faster, how do you actually go about it? Below is an outline of the process involved in writing better essays.

Draw a Plan

If you want to write a great essay, you need to draw a plan to follow. It will help you save on time. A plan will make it flow smoothly from the beginning to the end. An example of a good plan is the 5-paragraph writing method which entails the following: An introduction, three body paragraphs, and then a conclusion.

The introduction is meant to give your readers an idea of what they expect to get in your essay. Then the 3 paragraphs carry the body of your essay where you explain your topic in details. The conclusion part summarizes your topic of writing.

Conduct Research

Research is the key to writing excellent essays. If you don’t do research, you will end up including inaccurate information in your essay making it lose credibility. The research will fill you with ideas which will make writing an essay easy for you.

You will not find yourself stuck in the middle of the writing. Research may take time but once you are done, writing a superb essay becomes a walk in the park. Answering that essay question you found difficult earlier on will be very easy after research.

Create a draft

After you are done researching, get started in writing your essay. It doesn’t have to be perfect on the first go. You are making a draft that may get changes along the way to make it better.


For maximum productivity, you need to take breaks in between your writing. Don’t overwhelm yourself too much working for a long time without breaks. You will risk making your brain go blank leaving you without anything to write in the middle of writing.

Take breaks to clear your mind and make it fresh. This way, you will get new ideas as you write your essay which will make it better as you write.

Proofread your essay

No matter how careful you are in your writing, there is a chance you will make mistakes. You have to know that even the slightest error can make you get low scores. That is why you need to check through your essay after you are done writing.

This will allow you to ensure the paper has a clear flow, doesn’t have spelling mistakes, syntax errors or other grammar mistakes. Don’t give your professor a reason to reject your paper or give you low scores.


Creating quality essays in a timely manner is not that hard. The above guide outlines all that you need to know to create better essays and on time. However, if you find it challenging to achieve this, online essay writing services can help you.

RapidEssay service is your best bet on this. The platform offers fast and rapid, high quality essay writing service at a friendly price. Don’t get low scores on your essays when you have a solution.



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